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    • 石家莊市貝諾醫療器械有限公司成立于2004年,至今將近20年的生產經驗,是一家涉及醫療器械、消毒制品生產與貿易的科研型企業,注冊商標為“中諾”、“貝諾”。企業現有產品線應用于醫療行業多個科室,公司自主研發十余項專利產品,近年來曾榮獲河北省品牌提升重點推廣單位、河北省科技型中小企業、河北省高新技術企業等數十項省、地市級相關機構給予的各方面榮譽。


      十年成長,十年品質,已深受廣大經銷商和終端臨床用戶的好評,并取得了良好的經濟效益和社會效益。展望未來,我公司爭取以產品質量更優、價格更合理、服務更完善為有效實施目標來對接客戶, 并積極整合可用、可控資源,為將“貝諾”、“中諾”品牌打造成醫療器械行業臨床一線品牌而努力!







             Shijiazhuang Beno Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, has nearly 20 years of production experience. It is a scientific research enterprise involved in the production and trade of medical instruments and disinfection products, with registered trademarks of "Zhongnuo" and "Beno". The company's existing product line is applied to multiple departments in the medical industry, and the company has independently developed more than ten patented products. In recent years, it has been awarded various honors by dozens of provincial and municipal level relevant institutions, such as Hebei Province Key Promotion Unit for Brand Enhancement, Hebei Province Science and Technology Small and Medium Enterprises, Hebei Province High tech Enterprises, etc.

              At present, the company has an independent production base and trading company, and has signed contracts with multiple medical and daily chemical brands as general agents in Hebei Province. Our own products are based on disposable oral instrument boxes, disposable oral single product series, rubber examination gloves, dental gypsum series, and other products.

              Ten years of growth, ten years of quality, has been highly praised by distributors and end clinical users, and has achieved good economic and social benefits. Looking forward to the future, our company strives to effectively target customers with better product quality, more reasonable prices, and more comprehensive services, and actively integrate available and controllable resources to build the "Beno" and "Zhongnuo" brands into clinical frontline brands in the medical device industry!

               Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit and guide the company. We are willing to sincerely cooperate with all sectors of society to create a better tomorrow!

               Company tenet: Beno Medical Equipment, a commitment to your health.

               Development purpose: To create value for customers, opportunities for employees, and benefits for society.

               Development strategy: Pursuing excellent quality and providing unlimited services.

               Corporate belief: Refine into steel and create brilliance.

               Corporate Style: Be a down-to-earth person and do things seriously.